Friday, July 1, 2011

ID Challenge #2

Do you know what this is? If you’re not sure, it can be figured out with a bit of research. It is a species which occurs in the Pacific Northwest, so that should narrow it down substantially. Leave a comment to let me know what you think it is even if you’re not certain. Comment moderation will be turned on until I post the answer, so they will not be visible in the mean time.

Postscript, 15 July 2011

This challenge is now closed. The answer with a complete discussion is here. If you missed ID Challenge #1, be sure to check that out too.


  1. Jim,
    Just discovered Northwest Dragonflier today. Nice site! I hope you do not mind that I have posted a link to ND on my blog, The Ozarkian ( If you check out the site, and decide you don't want to have your name besmirched, let me know, and I'll remove the link.

    The bug shown is NOT an Argia.

    George Sims
    Mansfield, Missouri

  2. I guess I'm a novice : ) My first guess was female Taiga Bluet, but the vulvar spine apparently eliminates that species. It's a toss up between Northern, Boreal, or River Bluet. I'm stumped.

  3. This female shows a nub under the thorax, so I am sure it is the Western Red Damselfly. - R. Larsen

  4. Female Western Red Damsel -Amphiagrion abbreviatum.

  5. I'm guessing Western Red Damsel, though it doesn't really look like one. But I just can't think of another damsel with a hairy bump under the thorax. Nice choice for ID challenge.

    Ray Bruun

  6. Female Amphiagrion abbreviatum. I don't know that I've ever seen one with greenish color, and very little orange.

    Nate Kohler
    Deer Lodge, MT

  7. @theozarkian Thanks for the link, George—no besmirching as far as I'm concerned!